We are ULO (unidentified landed object).

A Web 3 expert & creator network, strategy agency and production studio.

We are your partner in navigating the metaverse.

Services and Expertise

We build intentionally with a deep understanding of community and creator culture.

We do this by listening to early adopters in the space, and integrating with the Web3 community.

We aim to contribute to a new internet that has a net positive impact on humanity.

We see the metaverse as a gateway to freedom in self-expression, connection, and ownership.

Meet Our Founders

Dani Van de Sande
Katy Koob
Our core team is a collective of growth marketers, brand builders, experience designers, strategists, and engineers with decades of experience across Web2 & Web3. We have an extended talent pipeline of metaverse artists and Web3 experts.

Previous Work & Partners

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